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Service Opportunities

XPI Meeting
3rd Monday of the Month, 1:00 PM ET
Zoom (Live - Video, Voice and Text)
Meeting ID: 111 283 488
Password: CPA

Cross Platform (XP) representatives can vote at the meeting. Every group should have an XPI representative. All members are welcome to attend and share as a "member at large".


The number to attend the meeting by phone only:

646-876-9923 or 669-900-6833 (USA)

647-558-0588 (CANADA).

Find your local number by clicking here.

If you are interested in service opportunities with the Cross Platform Intergroup please contact the XPIChairperson at

Zoom Host/CoHost Training

Training is open to anyone with four months in CPA For more information contact:

Zoom Host Trainer

Host Training rev. 2-21-24.png

Opportunities to creatively give back to CPA

Only a person with chronic pain and chronic illness can ask another a person with chronic pain and chronic illness to do service! 

Service Opportunities
Do you have a home group?

This is a group where you can use your voice for ideas and represent your group at business meetings. 

Does your home group have representatives:

XPI Rep - relays information to your group about the changes in technology used by our members.

GAC Rep - General Advisory Committee relays information to your group about changes and improvements to CPA policies and procedures. 

The Literary Committee is always looking for members to help with our publications. 

Contact them at:  

The Public Information Committee has openings. 

You can contact them at:

There are 3 service bodies that support our CPA fellowship:

General Advisory Council (GAC)
General Service Virtual Office (GSVO)
CPA Service Board of Directors (CPASB)

Check for positions available at the General Service Virtual Office (GSVO). For more information please contact 

Service Positions that are open throughout CPA
Speaker Meetings
You can offer your Experience Strength and Hope to other members or help find other who are willing to share their story.

Hosting a Meeting
Help keep our meetings safe and secure from disruptive behavior. 

Chairing a Meeting
Guide a
nd direct a meeting using a provided format. 

omer Q & A
Held each month this is a time to welcome newcomers to CPA.


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