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To make a Seventh Tradition donation directly to the Cross Platform Intergroup of Chronic Pain Anonymous, please click above. 


NOTE: Receipt emails will say "Your Payment to Tara Perry" (we thank her for her service)

What does your Seventh Tradition to the Cross-Platform Intergroup support?

  • Zoom room subscriptions

  • Website hosting and domain name fees

Extra funds are donated as part of the Cross-Platform Seventh Tradition to the Chronic Pain Anonymous Service Board

  • Production costs of literature

  • Website hosting, domain name fees and special servants

  • Financial support such as bookkeepers/accountants

  • Public and Professional outreach programs

  • Postage and shipping costs

  • Zoom room subscription for board, committees, task forces and General Advisory Council (GAC) meetings

All these services ensure the accessibility and growth of the Cross-Platform Intergroup and CPA as a whole. 

Tradition Seven:

Every CPA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

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